Autoreponders and e-mails

Dealing With The Daily Mountains Of Emails

Dealing with daily mountains of emails can prove exhausting and impossible even if one is prepared to work twenty-four seven. Autoresponders are an inexpensive way of responding immediately to emails as they come in.

Autoresponders have multiple uses at home and in the office other than answering emails.  They can be used to send information and advice regarding services, products, pricelists etc. in addition to customers needing answers to similar problems or products. At the same time, they can be used to advertise the business, product, merchandise or service, building up stable customer relationships. 

Software and programs for autoresponders vary from those used in regular email programs.  The specialized script is available with the same Web hosting company’s server and can operate with the user’s email account. The script is programmed to send standardized messages on receiving emails. Some autoresponders are able to send out unlimited follow-up messages at predetermined time intervals for an unlimited period.

Many companies including email hosting services offer free autoresponder services. Those whose web provider does not have this free service could use other companies for a small fee or free if you advertise their company on your emails. Autoresponder messages can be personalized like business cards with name, position, company name, contact numbers, addresses, brief messages and signatures. Attaching signatures personalizes the email, familiarizing the customer with your identity and your product.

Signatures can be standardized for use by all staff or each employee could have his individual signature. Signatures must follow certain rules and guidelines. The signature length must be four to six lines of text, not exceeding 70 characters in one line or the email will cut off the signature. It should include: full name, company name, email address, telephone numbers including fax and toll-free numbers and a brief personal message about the company. The message must subtly promote the services, products, reliability and longevity of the company.

Autoresponders may be used for offering free courses to visitors to the site. Potential customers can be targeted by offering courses on topics of interest, divided into sub topics for a free 10 to 15 day course. The course can be progressively made more and more enticing and interesting to potential customers, highlighting your products or expertise. The last course could include blurbs of the following course, enticing the customer to subscribe and continue with the program. Topics must be chosen and executed in a way as to entice the visitor with the valuable information the site provides, so as not to lose the visitor or customer.

The courses must be created or edited by professional writers or editors if necessary so that it is well done and executed before transferring it to the autoresponder.  Free autoresponders are available at:, and
Google offers a long list of autoresponder companies. On signing up, you receive instructions on setting up and transferring text.

Autoresponders are powerfully effective marketing tools that allow the user to contact thousands of potential customers and automate a marketing campaign.