Pay Per Click Marketing

About Pay Per Click Advertising

It’s a do or die kind of tool – if it works for you, you’ll be rolling in lucre and if it doesn’t, you could just find yourself in the poorhouse. Should you or shouldn’t you take this gamble? What you need to do if you decide to go with pay per click advertising is to make sure you consider all the pros and cons before you venture into it. That way, you will be armed with knowledge to avoid things going wrong for you.

First things first. What are the keywords that you will be targeting? You will have to zero in on this before you start your pay per click marketing campaign. Unless you are a big player like Amazon or Wal-Mart, take careful note of how much it costs per click for each keyword. Don’t aim for No.1 just for the sake of being right on top of the listings – make a budget and stick to it, all depending on how much you are willing to pay out.

The second thing that should demand your close attention is your advertising copy. Do remember and keep telling yourself that pay per click adverting is not about sales. It is about clicks. In fact this is probably the most important thing that you should keep in mind if you want your campaign to succeed. So what you should do perhaps is to put yourself in a search engine user’s shoes and try and figure out what would make him want to click on a particular ad. You will only be able to do this if you spend time trying to understand the user, especially what he wants. Try and ensure that the pay per click headline is as close to the keyword that you think the user will be looking for as possible. This is what will draw him to click on the ad.

Finally, we just have to say it again – do not aim to be No.1 just for the sake of being up there. It is really not a prerequisite for success. And that goes for the No.2 and No 3 spots as well. Once this realization dawns, you will start seeing how much money you can save. Many who click on the top three probably don’t take the time to consider why they are clicking on them so the chances of the purchasing products are not very good. Whereas the positions down the line from 4 to 6 usually have a better success rate where pay per click marketing is concerned.

It’s a great tool, no doubt about it but to be effective, it has to be used well. You need to understand how it works and you need to spend time understanding it. Without this time well spent, you might be heading for disaster. Not because the tool isn’t good but because you do not understand how to use it to make profits for you. So take time to learn and smile your way to success!