What Is Link Building?

An Introduction to Link Building

Link building is the key to search engine rankings and you can be assured that if you build links that are good and relevant, the value of your web site will increase. A web site’s importance goes up in direct proportion to the inbound links it has and this can only be done if the owner of the web site is conscientious about the kind of links and the number of links he builds.

Search engines usually rank your site on its popularity. So this is where inbound links become so important. They are indispensable when it comes to your keyword ranking high. When it comes to links, even more than the number of links, it is the quality that is the determining factor. This is what helps in how your site performs in the search engines. The better the links, the more customers will be led to your site.

You could also build links by means of reciprocal link exchanges. This too is a very powerful tool if used well. How does increasing your links help? Well for one, the traffic to your site increases and your search engine performance gets better. It also saves you time and money besides providing an added resource because links drive targeted traffic to your site.

Let’s look at the kinds of link building that you can do. You can build links as we said, through reciprocal link exchanges, you can submit articles to directories with back links to your site and you can buy text ads as well as site wide text links. Then of course, you can also buy links from related sites or buy site wide links from blogs, web journals or web logs. Then there are press releases and page rank increase or page rank optimization.

However, all said and done, there really is no substitute for good content. Finally, content is what is at the core. You can drive traffic to your site but you must have the content there for people to read and be convinced about before you can make a sale. It’s like taking a horse to the water.....it’s just not enough if you cannot make him drink. So first focus on the content, then on all these other methods. With a great combination like that, you just can’t fail!