Submission To Internet Directories

Should You submit your website to Internet Directories?

Directories which are online are ‘human-powered’ and they are actually huge catalogs which put the various websites into different categories. This is further divided into sections depending on themes. One of the most complete online ones is Yahoo! So you have to submit your website to these directories in the category you want and then wait as there is usually a long line for approval. The site is then reviewed by one of the editors and then it is decided whether or not your site will be accepted. You get to choose the category that you would like your website to be featured under and you also get to enter a short title and description. Where your website finally goes of course is a matter of the editor’s choice. Just remember to manually submit your site because these directories just do not entertain any automated submissions.

Let’s take a look at whether or not directories are advantageous. First let’s look at the negatives or rather the areas where these directories are of really no use to you or your site. Within these directories, there is no ‘ranking’ of the sites so once your site has been accepted, it goes in like a library book, categorized by content or alphabetically. So there really is no question of ‘optimization’. As regards traffic to these directories too, there is very little to speak of as most people who search prefer the regular search facilities. So, not too much traffic can be expected from these directories.

However, directories have their use too. Otherwise why would so many website owners be submitting to them? Unlike the listing done by the search engines, directories are not compiled by robots but by humans. So they are much more relevant. Search engines acknowledge this and they begin their crawl from directories – Yahoo and DMOZ for example. So even if you do not submit to the search engines, you get found during a crawl. Further, directories usually have a high Page Rank so when you are listed in one of them, that particular directory is linked to your site. So this is a high-quality link and it adds up to good link values for you. Google of course, can analyze the link and because your link has a relevant description, it is of better value. This in turn influences ranking so you can see how directories can be very beneficial.