The Real Truth About PayPal

Gossip and untruths always seem to propagate rapidly and take over the whole truth. PayPal unfortunately, seems to really get the rap more severely than other payment processors. All banks and payment processors have problems, some more than others but somehow PayPal has been unjustly delegated to bottom scores. As the detractors seem to shout louder than the well satisfied, many customers PayPal has, this article should straighten and correct that false and wrongfully exaggerated concept.

Most detractors against PayPal either exaggerate, lie or repeat someone else’s tale of woe, leaving out valuable information as to what the user did wrong or did not do right. 

The most common gripe is that PayPal will close an account without reason. This is absolutely untrue. PayPal, being a payment processor, must protect all its users, both vendors and customers alike. Vendors must be protected from unscrupulous operators who could unlawfully access their products and customers must be protected from unscrupulous vendors selling fraudulent products. PayPal must totally protect both parties and have extremely strict terms and regulations concerning the security of their users, for the benefit of the users themselves. These regulations and Terms of Service are clearly spelled out and available on their website. The user must read these rules and be familiar with them before blaming PayPal.

PayPal will most certainly close an account if any of the Terms of Service are violated by either vendor or customer in order to protect their other users.

The most commonly violated rule is users opening multiple accounts. PayPal is extremely clear that each user have one Personal Account with one Premier or Business Account connected to it. Often users open multiple accounts in violation of this basic rule which will result in their accounts being closed and the funds in these accounts frozen. The funds are not lost. They are frozen until verified and clarified with PayPal.

All complaints have been due to violation of the basic rules. PayPal has to be extremely cautious as it is dealing with people’s money. On top of that there are so many unscrupulous people on the Internet who send out false PayPal emails. When unsure of the origin of these phishing emails, just forward them to who will verify and inform the user if the email originated from PayPal. The main thing to note is that you should under no circumstance give out your details like passwords by mail.

Most PayPal users will agree that it is the best payment processor on the Internet. Other processors do not even come a close third. These users have often tried other processors and speak with experience. Due to the security and reliability of PayPal, more users tend to pay for services and products using PayPal accounts. Users have noted an increase in sales of their products after shifting to PayPal merchant services.

PayPal is not perfect but pretty close. Ignorance or absolute violation of the rules is often the reason that some users have problems with PayPal. It’s always easier to blame someone else than oneself for what ever happens. When you have tried the other providers and found them wanting, you will find that PayPal is the best provider on the market. So trust PayPal. And as time goes by, you will realize why they are the biggest and best on the market.